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Our Expertise

Our mandate is to apply focused management strategies in order to enhance the value of real estate assets. Our scope requires an understanding and proficiency in all aspects of the real estate investment and development cycle, from land acquisition to development approvals. While building communities, we also believe in building relationships by providing our customers with outstanding design, quality and value.

Site Selection & Land Development

In order to build well-planned, vibrant communities our team track and research market trends, establish criteria and seek opportunities in prime locations with strong metrics.

Developers are city builders, with each development becoming a puzzle piece in the larger picture. Accordingly, each puzzle piece should bring value to the home or business owner, the community at large and the environment.


We provide a construction management team on the basis of their ability to meet the unique requirements of each project. All of our projects are backed by a comprehensive customer care program. Our team efficiently directs the process from marketing through construction and after move-in care. We know purchasing a home is a big decision. From inception to completion our customer care team is there to provide guidance while building an enduring relationship. We aim to provide an exciting and stress-free experience.

In providing construction expertise we look for complementary strengths, aligned visions and integrity. This type of “meeting of the minds” makes for productive long term working relationships. With common goals of building efficient, attractive, well-crafted, constructed and managed structures we do what is right for the customer and the environment with clear lines of accountability every step of the way.

Commercial Property Management

Consulate Management Ltd provides property management operations for Central Parkway Mall, a 149,000 sq. ft. mall with 70 retail and professional office tenants in Mississauga, Ontario. With over 40 years of property management experience, we have developed a network of professionals to efficiently and cost effectively address maintenance, repairs, renovations and retrofits in order to keep our facility current and prepared for daily high traffic volumes. Additional responsibilities include leasing, budgeting, commercial retail promotions, media placement, financial analysis, bookkeeping and security. We are proud of our thriving facility and the services it provides. We continue to work diligently to make our mall a friendly and safe community space.